Canceling Loans in Encompass-Branch

Canceling Loans in Encompass-Branch

This can be done as the LO (Borrower PreQual) or as the Processor (Processor Summary)


  1. Go to the Adverse Action/ECOA Information Section in Borrower PreQual/Processor Summary.
  2. Type a reason for the denial in the reasons box.
    1. Now that you've typed a reason, the 4 checkboxes above should now be editable
  3. Select one of the 4 checkboxes. (If selecting Borrower Withdrew, also enter the withdrawal date).
  4. When you select one of the 4 checkboxes, the current date should auto populate into the Branch Denial Request Date Field.
    1. Your name should auto populate into the Denial Requested By Field
  5. This will place your loan on the 2nd Look Branch Denial/Withdrawal Queue to be accessed by Compliance.

*Please see attached File with screenshots



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