FAQ: Encompass eConsent Guide for Borrowers

eConsent Guide (Borrowers)     




The guides below outline the steps to eConsent, Create New Account and acknowledge eDisclosures. Familiarize yourself with the sequence of steps and the recommendation of best practices. 



Upon issuing the eConsent, the customer will receive the following email to proceed to conduct business electronically.



When the customer receives the email to “Let’s Go Digital” they will follow the link provided to “Create New Account”.



IMPORTANT: When entering the Subject Property Address, it is very important that the customer enter the first part of the property address as it reflects in Encompass. This detail must mirror exactly what is shown before the first space in the address. For instance, if the property address is “123 Test Street”, they would enter “123”. However, if the address has been entered without a space, for instance “123Test Street”, then they would enter “123Test”. A best practice for data entry is to always enter the numeric part of the street address followed by a space in Encompass before sending the eConsent. 

After entering the fields the customer completes the process by clicking on the “Create New Account” button. Then the following message appears which identifies an email notification has been sent with instructions to activate their account.




A sample “Activation Request” is shown below. The link provided in the email notification will bring them back to the site to complete the activation of their account.


By clicking the link, the customer arrives at the “Activate New Account” screen, where they need to enter the password they chose when they created the account and click the “Activate New Account” button.




The customer is then taken to their Loan Detail screen and see “Electronic Signature Consent for Loan Documents”. If there are multiple borrowers using the same email address, separate sections for each borrower will appear. 

By clicking on the borrower name the window will expand and the customer will see the “View” button for the eConsent.




When the customer clicks “View” they will see the eConsent disclosure, and at the bottom of the screen they need to click

“I Agree” in order to consent to receive disclosures electronically.



If they agree, they receive the following message and RPM can send disclosures electronically.



When the initial disclosures are generated, the borrower receives a new email with a link to the Ellie Mae Loan Center where they can view and eSign the disclosures. They enter their email and their password and click the “Login” button.


The borrower can then access their disclosure documents for eSignature. The documents are separated into three types: Review (only need to read, no action to take); eSign (click the button to go through that process); and Print, Sign and Return (for wet sign docs)


When the borrower clicks the “eSign” button, they will first be prompted to enter an authorization code. This will be the LAST 4 DIGITS OF THEIR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER.


They have 5 chances to enter the code correctly; if they are unsuccessful then their ability to eSign the documents will be locked out and they will need to print, wet sign, and return. The first page will be a fax cover sheet that (if they use it) will bring the disclosures into the eFolder.




When they enter the authorization code correctly they will receive a success message that they are Finished eSigning. The loan officer (or other Encompass user) will be able to Retrieve the disclosures into the eFolder.

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