How to Request a Rework


How to Request a Rework


If the Loan is in a milestone in which you have edit access, update the loan as needed.

If the loan is in a milestone in which you do not have edit access, the loan must be returned to you before you can make edits or submit your rework request.

Return File Request (similar to the RESUB to UW process used today):

Milestones with restricted access

      • Conditions Submitted
      • Suspense Resub
      • Submitted to Docs
      • In Docs
      • Docs Out
      • Docs Back
      • Funding

On the Processor Summary form, use the “Request Return of File” button to send an auto-email to the bank managers. They will return the file to a milestone in which you have edit access.

If you are entered as the processor or loan assistant in the file contacts, you will receive an email when the request has been cleared.

If a date is populated in the field, the return file request is successful.


Requesting a Rework:

Upon return of the file, you may update the file as needed.

After updating the file, print the Rework Request form from the custom print forms folder and upload to the eFolder as unassigned.

On the Processor Summary form, enter a date to initiate the re-work request.

You may manually delete the date to remove the request from the rework queue should you need to make additional corrections.


You may use the comments box to add any additional notes. Most communication for changes should be written on the Rework Request for you upload.


Note that you may need to re-complete a conditions submitted, suspense resub milestone, or Submitted to Docs milestone.


Submitting additional requests:

The date will be cleared by the UW upon completion of the rework. To place any additional requests, simply follow the process again.


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