How to Import an FNM file

How to Import FNM file

From the Pipeline tab select the Pipeline button at the top. From there, choose the Import option.


A pop-up screen for importing will appear that is auto-defaulted to Fannie Mae 3.x. Select Continue.


A pop-up window will display with the Fannie Mae Folder defaulted to the C drive. At this point, you will need to work your way through the U Drive to get to your personal documents. From here, choose “u:[\\\dfs-files\Users]”


Choose RPM-MTG from the folder list.


Find your branch office and double click on the folder.



Locate your user folder.



After selecting your user profile folder search for your FNM file. Note: As a best practice save an FNM file in a folder that is easy to get to. In the below example the FNM file being used was housed in a testing file folder within the “My Documents” folder.


Choose a Loan folder to import the FNM file to and then choose the Browse button for the Loan template.


Choose a loan template from the provided loan template sets and utilize the select template button.


Choose the Import button.


The FNM file will start importing.



You will be prompted with a telephone script to relay to the borrower regarding equal credit, fair housing, and home mortgage disclosure laws. By selecting the “Ok” button you indicate that you have certified you have read this script to your borrower.


The FNM file will continue to process. If the FNM file goes through successfully a final pop-up window will populate.


After you select the OK button, the new file will populate at the top of your Prospects pipeline.


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