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In order to provide improved customer service and efficient problem resolution,  we have redesigned the IT Service Request Process for Break/Fix and Work Requests.  This will ensure that requests get properly triaged and prioritized for efficient resolution and enable proper tracking for performance and trending issues.


Please review document. Below is an excerpt containing the IT Support contact methods

Primary Contact Method

IT Support Status\FAQ web page

IT Service Requests should be made by opening a ticket thru our Zendesk support page.


This is the most efficient way to receive timely assistance and allows requests to be categorized, prioritized and directed to the appropriate teams.


Please see the instructions on how to submit a request below.


Secondary Method

IT Support Email address:

This method should be used when the Service Request Page is unavailable.

Urgent Requests

925.295.9306 or 866.920.0134

The IT hotline should be used for Urgent and High priority requests or when the support page and email is unavailable.

If all Support Team agents are unavailable, an effort to return all normal priority messages with a telephone call or email as soon as possible will be made. The goal is to make contact within 2 hours.


Incident resolution will happen same day whenever possible. Communication will go to the requestor regarding the delays and/or expected completion time.


Once a request is submitted, it will be closed if the requestor does not respond after 3 contacts are made by an IT Support Representative.



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