RPM Web Mail Access Instructions

RPM Web Mail Access Instructions:

The RPM Web Mail System will allow a RPM Employee to have Full Access to Email without logging in to the Citrix (VDI) System. You can access the RPM Web Mail System anywhere there is a computer with an active internet connection. The RPM Web Mail system will give you full access to your email, email folders and contacts and calendars.

Below are the Steps to access your RPM Web email.


  1. Open your internet explorer browser and type https://exchange.rpm-mortgage.com/ in the address field.
  2. Enter your User Name and Password (See Below).

Note:   Select the Securty option that aplies to computer.  

At this time your web mail will be displayed in your web broswer.

If you have issues or any Questions about the RPM Web Mail System please contact the RPM Technical Support Group @ it@rpm-mtg.com.

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