iPhone\Android Email Setup Error (Too Many Devices)

Mobile Phone Email Setup Error (Too Many Devices)

Problem Description:  While Setting up a RPM email account on a mobile device (iPhone or Droid Phone), a “Too Many Devices” error will occur when the a mobile device try’s to connect to the RPM exchange Server.  Cause: There is a Limit to the amount of devices that outlook can connect to. By removing unused Mobile Devices in outlook, you can remove this error when setting up an email account on a mobile device.

Below are instruction to remove unused Mobile Devices from the exchange:


Log in to RPM Web Mail System:

  1. Open your internet explorer browser and type https://exchange.rpm-mortgage.com/ in the address field.
  2. Enter your User Name and Password.


Note:   Select the Securty option that aplies to computer.  

Remove Unused Mobile Devices:

  1. While in the RPM Web Mail System, Select Options and scroll down to See All options…
  2. In the Account menu, select
  3. In the Mobile Phones menu you will see a list of mobile device configured for this account. This list shows all mobile device configured since the exchange account was created. Remove any mobile device that is no longer in use. Select the unused phone in the list and click on the X


Once all unused mobile device are removed from the mobile device list, retry the exchange setup again.
The “Too Many Devices” errors should be gone. 


If you have issuses or any Questions about the Mobile Phone Email Setup Error, please contact the RPM Technical Support Group @ 925-295-9306 or by Email it@rpm-mtg.com.

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