Adding RPM Email to Android Device [Smartphone, Tablet]

To add an RPM Email account to your iPhone or iPod touch,

Open your Settings, usually found within the top loading notification window
• Tap Accounts
• Tap Corporate 

2. On the next screen, enter your complete RPM email address, domain, username, password, and a description. 
RPM Domain and username: rpm-mortgage\username
RPM Server:
Password: Same password used to log into Citrix
Security Type: SSL/TLS [Accept all certificates]
Description: RPM Email


3. After all of the fields are completed tap Next

4. Your device will now try to locate the RPM Exchange Server. If the server cannot be located, the screen below is shown. Enter the RPM Exchange server's complete address in the Server field [] and hit Next.

5. Tap on Save then click the Home button.

6. Tap the mail button on your home screen to read your RPM email

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